Why Us?

This is the BEST website for Learning How to play the guitar!

Hi, I’m Sandra and I opened up my first guitar school when I was only 12 years old. Today I’m here to offer you Sandra Joan’s BEST Guitar Curriculum for beginners of every age.

Start here, learn to play the Guitar first. I won’t just show you a few fancy moves, I’ll teach you, step by step, all you need to know to effectively play the guitar!


What's wrong with other curriculum?

There are so many short guitar clips online that will try to teach you a fast move… and those are good for someone who is already effectively playing the guitar!

But it’s important for a new guitar student to begin from the basics and build solid knowledge and experience with a well laid out curriculum and lesson practice plan. This will guarantee his ability to maneuver his instrument!

Then, once you know how to play the guitar, you will be ready to branch off into whatever genre of music tickles your fancy! And you will be ready to utilize all the short guitar lesson clips online!

The same scenario goes with purchasing a book to learn to play the guitar. The first few pages of the book are understandable and easy to follow. Then, by the time you get to the 4th page, you’d need a Ph.D. in Music to continue! Which is why most people purchase many kinds of “learn to play the guitar” books, and never learn to play the guitar!


How ours is better

This is not the case with our Curriculum. Whether you purchase the lessons individually online, or opt to purchase a hardcopy of the entire book, you will never feel like you need to be a music expert to learn!

You Pay as you go…  you work at your own pace! It’s easy and for beginners of any age!

This Curriculum is also great for homeschoolers and can be used for the entire family. Keep in mind that you can reproduce the notebook for all family members, as well as all members of your Homeschool Group!

When you compare the amount of quality lesson time you will receive with Sandra Joan’s BEST Guitar Curriculum for Beginners with all those other “Less Than 1 Minute Lessons” out there on the web… then you will become very excited about the value and the benefits you will receive with our Curriculum!