Tuning Your Guitar

A guitar player needs to be ready to play with the guitar in tune! The most popular ways to tune a guitar include using a:

  • Piano

  • Pitch Pipe

  • Digital Tuner

And then, as time goes by, a guitarist will learn the sounds of the 6 strings, as if it were a melody to a song, and can just tune in, like one would just sing in!


Using a pitch pipe

The Pitch Pipe is the easiest way for a beginner to tune the guitar. In our Intermediate and Advanced Curriculum series, we explore other ways to tune the guitar, but for now, the Pitch Pipe is the best choice!

Notice that the String numbers and names are above each pipe.

Always begin tuning your guitar with the 6th String/E.

Blow the pipe strong and steady. Listen to the sound. With the knobs of your guitar, on the Head of your guitar, adjust the knob until the Pitch sounds like the one you hear from the Pitch Pipe.

When you finish with the 6th String, then proceed to the 5th – until you finish with the 1st String.