How It Works

This Curriculum is designed for beginners of all ages. I personally recommend age 7 a good starting point for beginner guitar. There are children who posses the physical skills to begin earlier, but age 7 is an average starting point. As an adult, you can start at any age!

Since music is a universal language, you don’t have to speak English to benefit from this curriculum! With the visual demonstrations along with the diagrams and charts in the workbook, people of ALL NATIONS and ANY LANGUAGE can use this Curriculum!


What you need to get started

This Curriculum can be used with either an acoustic or electric guitar.

This Curriculum can be used for right or left-handed people, because left-handed people should play as if they were right-handed! Search the net and the studies conclude that left-handers would be best to adapt playing as a right-handers!

Along with your guitar, you will need:

  1. CD player

  2. A Pitch Pipe

  3. A Metronome

  4. Guitar Pick

If you do not have a pitch pipe, metronome or a guitar pick, you can purchase them at your local music store or online.


Lesson overview

This Beginner Curriculum contains 20 lessons. You can purchase the lessons individually online for immediate download, or opt to purchase the entire book as a hardcopy.

Each lesson contains:

  • Review and practice of previous lesson

  • New material

  • Practice schedule

  • Instructional video

  • Music tracks


How to use it

Each lesson will take approximately 1 month to complete. Each lesson has specific tasks for the student to accomplish, with a check off when complete instruction.

The practice schedule is separated in to 7 days of practice. These 7 days may take the student 7 days to practice… 2 weeks… or 2 months, to complete! Remember, you are doing this practice at your own pace and schedule.

For maximum success and achievement, it is vital that the student accomplishes all the tasks with all the time it takes to achieve them.

There are NO SHORTCUTS. The primary reason why most guitar curriculum in the market today is not adequate for effectively teaching a new beginner is because there is not enough time allotted to practicing each new item, before moving onto another one!

Practice… practice… practice, is the key to becoming a good guitar player… and practice set out over the whole week, a little at a time, is better than practicing only once a week for a longer period of time! As the Curriculum explains in each section, do not move forward with any new lesson until you have practiced everything asked and are doing it well!

Many people can boast of being able to form a few chords, or play a few notes and riffs, but it is only the student who works diligently practicing over and over again, to learn how to perfect the movement of chords, demonstrated by playing and singing entire songs, not just bits and pieces!


Just SING!

Everyone may not be the greatest singer, but everyone can sing… and if you desire to be a guitar player, you must get over any fears you have about singing! The best way to eliminate these fears is to face them… meaning: just sing!

People will enjoy listening to you sing and play the guitar, and you will have a lot of fun doing it too!

If someone asks, “Hey, play me a guitar song!” you must be ready to not just strum a few chords and/or picks, but to actually play entire songs while singing! This is what people want to hear, not just a few scattered bits here and there… so, now is the time to decide to commit that you will make an effort to learn the songs and sing!


What to expect / results

By the time you complete this Beginner Curriculum, you will be able to visit any local music store to find the kind of songs you prefer to play, for Easy Guitar or Beginner Level.

Remember, shortcuts never work. Learning to play the guitar takes time and practice. Learning to play the guitar well takes more time and practice. That is why I have included all the practice time you will need to become a good guitar player!

By building your knowledge base, line upon line, precept upon precept, you will have the strongest foundation and play with excellence!

If you follow Sandra Joan’s Best Guitar Curriculum exactly as it is laid out, then you are guaranteed to beginning the journey that will transform you into a top-notch guitar player!

I wish you great success!