Sandra Joan's BEST Guitar Curriculum is great for homeschoolers!

"Sandra Joan's BEST Guitar Curriculum may be the closest thing to a guitar teacher in a book!" – read full review from The Old Schoolhouse magazine

Through various research, it has been found that music lessons help to enhance and develop specific areas of the brain. This allows children to begin to understand alternative concepts dealing with spatial relations, mathematics, vocal development and an understanding of sound.

Music studies is one of the essential areas outside of academia that every child should have in order to have more developmental skills. This provides a new way of thinking, the capacity to develop talent and an understanding of how sounds work, and Sandra Joan’s BEST Guitar Curriculum will give a student of any age, the Music Experience that will contribute to lifelong enrichment.

Whether you are a Homeschool Family or a Homeschool Group, this curriculum will go a long shared way, enabling everyone to learn how to play the Guitar!

If you Download each lesson, you can use these lessons for all family members!

If you Purchase the Book, you can copy the sheets for all family members and or everyone in your Homeschool Group! An Excellent Money Saving Value!

Sandra Joan developed this curriculum, as a Homeschool mom herself. She understood that teaching needs to be methodical: line upon line, precept upon precept… for it to have the right foundation! With the right foundation, you can build effectively!

Students can work at their own pace individually with this Curriculum or they can work in a group and experience the fun and ease to learning how to play the guitar and make music with others!

All the music in this curriculum is Family Friendly… and students that learn how to play a musical instrument excel scholastically as well as develop confidence and leadership skills that will translate into any area of lifetime activity!

Do the Math: It’s Win Win!

Sandra Joan’s BEST Guitar Curriculum for Beginners is Absolutely the BEST!